Madone is the ultimate fusion of power, aerodynamics, ride quality and integration. There are no two ways about it: the first true super-bike is a marvel of road bike engineering.

Every detail of Madone is engineered for unprecedented futuristic performance, ride quality and efficiency, putting every single watt you earn toward demolishing your competition.

Advanced aerodynamics

Madone sets a new benchmark for aero performance, surpassing every other road bike on the pavement and in the wind tunnel.

Madone Iso Speed

The revolutionary Madone IsoSpeed decoupler is fully integrated, offering unparalleled aerodynamics, unmatched vertical compliance, and ultimate ride quality.

Ride-tuned performance

Fully tested size-specific ride-tuned performance delivers the ultimate balance of speed, power, and handling, no matter what size bike you ride.

Unprecedented integration

Every element of Madone serves the ultimate goal of unprecedented integration to enhance performance, making Madone the fastest, most advanced option on the road.

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