Bicycle fit

The foundation of a better cycling experience starts with an in depth Precision Fit session.  Our passion is evident in our purpose built tech laden studio at our Seih Al Salam location/store.  

We provide Precision Fit services throughout the week by appointment.  Our knowledge and expertise in all areas of the Fit process allow riders to make educated equipment and service choices. Your optimal position is often heavily influenced by the components you "touch" on the bike and we have an extensive selection in stock.  

We cater to Road, Mountain Bike and Triathlon riders of all abilities be it your first bike to those seasoned athletes. Everyone receives best in class treatment.


Our staff are professionals. They were the best when we hired them, and they participate in on going training programs for bicycle fit service keeping up to date on the latest technology and industry improvements.



AED 750

Through a detailed interview and thorough off-the-bike physical evaluation a Road/MTB will determine a rider's ideal shoe sizing, cleat placement, fore/aft positioning and rotation, saddle selection, handlebar selection, width, shape, roll and shifter placement.

Allow approximately 1.5 hours.


AED 950

Whether you are taking part in a sprint triathlon or attempting your first Ironman, we know that each discipline requires a certain fit to optimize your time on the bike in turn leading to a better run performance.  Our Tri/TT fit includes all of the Road/MTB fit as well as dialing in your aerobars pad height and reach.

Allow approximately 2 hours.


AED 250

Motion Capture Data Analysis takes your performance to the next level through the use of high speed video cameras. Enabling the analysis of rider bio-mechanics and movement.

Allow approximately an additional 30 minutes.


AED 250

The addition of a full saddle pressure analysis gives an unprecedented level of information on the interaction of the rider and bike assisting with not only saddle pain, but also lower back pain, hand discomfort, leg length discrepancies, dialing in more aggressive positions and many more fit issues.

Allow approximately an additional 30 minutes.



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