In mountain bikiing's heyday, Procaliber was the envy of all other race bikes.  Now it's back to rule the XC circuit once again, redefining the term "Hardtail" and setting the bar for

Procaliber's IsoSpeed decoupler delivers uncompromising cross country performance, efficiency, and an incredible ride feel. It's the fastest, smoothest, smartest hardtail on the trail.

IsoSpeed decoupler

Smooth means fast. Our innovative decoupler increases vertical compliance without sacrificing efficiency. You ride faster, longer, and stronger.

Doubly stiff: Boost148/110

Wider 148mm rear and 110mm front hub spacing on 29ers creates stronger, less flexy wheels and allows for wider tires, shorter chainstays, and more chainring options.

G2: a better-handling 29er

Advanced frame geometry and a custom offset fork give you precise handling at low speed without compromising high-speed stability.

Smart Wheel Size

One wheel size does not fit all. We put the right size wheel on every frame: 27.5” on 15.5” frames, 29er on 17.5” and up. Everyone wins.